Boost the Power of MRI with Hyperpolarization Technology!

Placing novel yet affordable instrumentation in the hands of researchers


HyperE designs and manufactures innovative parahydrogen induced polarization (PHIP) equipment to pave the way for breakthrough of PHIP, an emerging MRI enhancement technique with major clinical impact for improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation of cancer.

We strive to bring to research communities proven state-of-the-art hyperpolarization instrumentation and technology services:

Best performing | Most reliable | Top user-friendly | Very affordable

Our initial product line includes the first ever commercial PHIP instrument allowing you to explore MRI for in vivo molecular imaging studies.

Instrumentation Overview

The Beverly I Polarizer

Polarization at the touch of a button

Single Cabinet Design

Designed for 13C and 15N PHIP hyperpolarization. Capable of running most decoupling and RF transfer sequences.

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